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Thursday, June 3, 2010

All PPC Games

All PPC Games
Majestic Chess
Pocket PC Game | 2.16MB

One of the better chess game on ppc


Bowling for Burgers (PPC)

Bowling for Burgers is brand new exceptional quality Arcade Bowling game for
Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices.

Compete against the champion bowlers in a game full of Pins, Strikes, Spares, Gutter Balls, and Turkeys!

It's the Annual Bowling for Burgers Tournament! Where the hippest Burger joints prove their superiority by competing in the only competition that matters: Bowling!

Choose your Character, each with different strengths and weaknesses, then pick out your Ball and head to the alley!

Bowling for Burgers is intuitively designed to be enjoyable for anyone to pick up and play. Beginners and die-hard sports fans alike will be rolling Strikes in no time!

Bowling for Burgers features sleek graphics, fifties music and audio, intuitive controls, and of course, Balls, Pins, and Burgers!

Rats (PPC)

Rats!! is an excellent platform game. PDAmill did a superlative job putting this game together.
Overall Rats!! is a fun, highly-addictive game.


* Superb playability, with intuitive controls and menus,
* No Directional Pad required!
* Over 35 Beautiful Levels to explore, from the Sewers, across the Beach, and even into a Volcano!
* Fantastic Music, Sound Effects, and Voices rendered in ultra-high quality to make our best sounding title yet
* Fun Gameplay actions including Running, Jumping, Climbing, Swimming, Bouncing, Reflecting, and more!
* Wacky Cutscenes advance the story with great Art, high-quality Music, and hilarious Voice-overs
* Loads of objects to interact with including Doors, Switches, Keys, Lifts, Moving Platforms, Traps, and more!
* Tons of different enemy types, including swimming, crawling, shooting and of course, Big Boss Battles
* Handy Stats Screen displays just how much of each level you've really mastered
* Vivid Weather Effects, Visual Effects, Particle Effects, and other great things that end with Effects!
* Auto-save keeps track of your progress whenever you really need to put Rats!! down
* Highscore List to show your friends your Rats!! expertise
*Also known as the Platformer Genre


Celestial Vigilance v2.0.22
Pocket PC Game | 4.02 Mb

After the events in Anthelion: The Galactic Alliance, the galaxy enjoyed many years of peace, free to research new technologies and discover new ways of life.



Big 2 v1.2
Pocket PC Game | 1.04 Mb

"Big 2" is very popular in the world of poker game. Since "2" is the biggest card in the rule of this game, we called it as "Big 2".


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