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Friday, November 26, 2010

Fast PDF | 1.3.1 | iPhone | iPod Touch | Software

Fast PDF is a very fast pdf reader.

Works on iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and third generation iPod touch.

Organize your documents in a wood bookshelf with images of the first page.

Read you PDF files in landscape or portrait mode, and choose to show one or two pages side by side (iPad only).

Zoom on each page with a pinch gesture of your fingers or with a double tap and view every pdf page in full screen mode (with status bar).

Transfer your documents with iTunes (iPad & iOS 4 only), browser on WiFi, download them with the embedded browser or open them with Fast PDF from other applications like Mail (some features available only on iPad and iOS 4).

You can even open documents from any other application with Fast PDF using the "Open With" function (iPad and iOS 4).

- Extremely fast on rendering pdf pages
- Amazing bookshelf with real cover of each document
- Swipe or tap on the side to change page
- Pinch and double tap to zoom
- Support for outline and table of contents
- One page or two pages side by side: ideal for magazines and newspapers (iPad only)
- Large files support
- Full screen view
- Support for portrait and landscape reading
- Bookmarks for each document
- Resume reading last document after a pause
- Document synchronization with iTunes (iPad and iOS 4 only)
- File management with browser and WiFi network
- Document support to open with files Fast PDF from other applications, specially Mail (iPad & iOS 4 only).
- Browse the web and download files directly inside Fast PDF on our full featured browser with bookmarks
- Download files writing or pasting the web address
- Select text and download documents with contextual menu
- Sortable documents
- Share documents as email attachments
- Rename and delete documents
What's new in Version 1.3.1
What is new in 1.3.1 update:
- Fixed crash on iPhone and iOS 3.1
- Share and Rate alerts less frequents: to stop them just tap once on the buttons
- Added Spanish iTunes description
- Added German iTunes description

What was new in 1.3 update:

- New Folder organization for documents;
- Background support on iOS 4;
- Complete support for iPhone 4 and its Retina Display;
- Full screen reading (without status bar);
- Improved pdf rendering engine;
- Books sortables from the bookshelf view;
- Sort documents by name (from A to Z, from Z to A and by position) in the list view;
- Name search and dynamic list;
- Right to left reading support;
- Reminder to rate Fast PDF on the App Store and to share your opinion with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and email;
- Standard authentication support to download documents;
- Included guide with detailed instructions;
- Option to remember or not crypted document passwords;
- Zoom and direction options remembered for each document;
- New images for navigation buttons;
- Removed side buttons images and extended button height to full page;
- Changed reading background color to a pleasant gray texture;
- Set browser background to white;
- New information page with dynamic web contents;
- Removed La Divina Commedia;
- Fixed bug that caused wrong rotation of certain pages;
- Fixed bug that caused crash on when you download a document and already exists a document with the same name;
- Fixed brown bookshelf bug.


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