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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Unlock All Mobile Phones

Unlock All Mobile Phones Software | 24.8 MB

The Pack includes unlock software for
Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sagem, Sony Ericsson, Alcatel, Siemens, Panasonic
The Pack includes unlock software for
Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sagem, Sony Ericsson, Alcatel, Siemens, Panasonic.

Installation Notes :
1. Just UnPack File and Install it Easily.
2. Enjoy It.



iPhone Video Converter 2010

iPhone Video Converter 2010

OS: Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Me

iPhone Video Converter 2010

"iPhone Video Converter 2010 is a video and movie converter for the iPhone."
BS Editor: iPhone Video Converter 2010 is the easiEST to use video converter for iPhone available on the market.

Convert all your videos to the iPhone video format with just a few clicks, the software is fast and supports most video formats like WMV, QuickTime, Real, AVI, 3GP and many other.

With iPhone Video Converter you can encode your video and movie collection ready to be seen on your iPhone.

Key features

- Fastest video converter for the iPhone on the market

- Supports many different video codecs

- Just two clicks to start converting your files


WM Sound Recorder 2.1

WM Sound Recorder 2.1

File Size: 984KB
OS:Windows Mobile 5/6/6.1/6.5
License:FREE TO TRY WEB: WM Sound Recorder Homepage


WM Sound Recorder is an easy-to-use application which could auto record sound and phone calls in Windows Mobile Pocket PC. And it also can play the record file so that you can check if the record fits you. In addition, you may distribute your recorded files easily with it. Recording and playing audio on phone has never been so easy with WM Sound Recorder!

Key features of Total Screen Recorder:

•Auto record phone calls including outgoing and incoming calls;
WM Sound Recorder will automatically record your calls in and out according to your setting. For example, WM Sound Recorder allows you to set to record next call, today’s call and every call. Without a WM Sound Recorder, you will have to take pains and trouble to press the buildin recording button on your mobile if it does have one, every time and with haste.

•Record sound and phone calls to *.mp3 and *.wma audio file;
WM Sound Recorder will save the record files as MP3 and WMA formats. This makes it very easy for you to save and play it on most media, such as your mobile phone、Mac、PC、iPod、PDA etc.

•Three recording quality for choosing: Low, Normal and High;
WM Sound Recorder provide three recording quality so that you can decide which one to choose to better tailor the file to your needs. For example, if the call to be recorded turns out to be very import and demands high recognition, then you choose the High quality mode. Generally, the higher the quality is, the bigger the file will be, vice versa.

•Support monaural and stereo recording & Support 22 kHz to 44 kHz,44Kbps to 176 Kbps for choose;
WM Sound Recorder offers another two recording settings to cater to different customers for different purposes. Stereo recording and a higher Kbps will secure a higher quality file, accordingly, a higher size of the file. You may choose according to your needs and mobile memory.

•Support set to record every phone call, today's phone calls and next phone calls, not record any call.
WM Sound Recorder supports the above four recording settings. You may choose according to your needs. Remember that if you choose to record every call, make sure the mobile space is big enough. And again the default setting is not to record any call.

•Buildin player to play *.mp3 and *.wma audio file;
WM Sound Recorder’s building player make it possible for you to instantly check if the recording file conforms to your needs. Or you can listen to your recorded calls to get the information you want conveniently with your building player.

•Support send recording file via Bluetooth and email;
WM Sound Recorder also allows you to send the recorded files to your friends or family through Bluetooth and email, may it a funny call or an important dialogue, which makes the distribution of your file easily.

•Support custom recording file store folder;
WM Sound Recorder allows you to designate any file you want to save the recorded files. You will never have the trouble to find your record files from your massive and messy mobile folders.

•Support unlimited time recording;
WM Sound Recorder DOES NOT limit your recording time. You don’t have to worry that WM recorder will launch a strike because it has been working for hours. The only thing you have to assure is that make your space abundant and the power supply is enough.

•Support VGA and WVGA Screen (such as HTC Touch HD/2 and Diamond/2).
WM Sound Recorder gives full support to both the latest VGA and WVGA Screens and the general ones.

Direct Download Link:

Mobile Tracking System

Mobile Tracking System 1.51 | Size : 6.74

Mobile Tracking System 1.51 is a free mobile phone tracker, it allows you tracing a mobile phone location via Gps.

Mobile Tracking System is a project from Fightersoft Multimedia that provides real time tracking and messaging services.

How does it work?
The client version of MTS is a smartphone application that can get the identification data of the current cell in use by the mobile phone. With this information, the client application connects to the MTS server via GPRS and the server returns the location description of that cellid to the phone. Based on this concept, MTS can provide a number of interesting services such as mobile phone tracking, viewing of pictures from every part of the country, messaging services and the best is yet to come.

MTS is under heavy development and new and very interesting features will be made available shortly. MTS also support GPS receivers and displays map and satellite pictures using Google Maps.

Note :
If your phone runs Symbian S60 2nd edition (you can check with Nokia) then you will need in addition to the J2ME version the MTS daemon that will feed the network related information to the java application. You can set it to automatically start when the OS boots because it uses virtually no resources. However, the MTS daemon is written in Python so you will need the Python libraries installed on your phone (you can find it below - just run the sis file).

Tracking a mobile phone location from a GSM mobile phone or GPS receiver
Tracing your current location from a GSM cell phone or GPS receiver
Add or edit a cellid directly from the mobile client
Realtime any user tracking (if allowed by user)
Send and receive e-mail messages directly to and from the MTS client
Send and receive MTS chat messages
Send and receive files
Get notifications when a previously specified user is in the area
Local database for users without a GPRS/wap connection
Every cellid can have a photo
Watch TV

What's New in This Release:
added more buttons on the interface for the PPC version
added the updated operators.txt file and new homescreens (WM6 included) in the CAB installation file
improved the Sign Post feature
now when receiving messages from guest (from the MTS homepage - web2mts) you can now reply directly to their real usernames or email address
added SMS sending support directly from MTS
added support for saving and loading drafts while composing messages
added support for getting the contact information from the phone's contacts
fixed some GUI glitches
added support for Polish language
cleaned up the code

Platform: Windows Mobile PocketPC, Symbian, Windows Mobile Smartphone, Java
Developer: Fightersoft Multimedia
Category: Communication GPS

In archive:
Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5/6 QVGA (240x320)
Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5/6 VGA (480x640)
Today plugin to display the current location on your Homescreen
Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003/5/6 QVGA (240x320)
Homescreens collection for WM qvga screens
Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003/5/6 Standard (176x220)
Homescreens collection for WM standard screens
MTS Daemon for S60 2nd edition
Python libs for S60 2nd edition


Thursday, July 8, 2010

DivX Mobile Player

Windows Mobile | DivX Mobile Player v0.93 | 5.09 MB | English

DivX Mobile Player is a multifunction video and audio player that can play DivX, OpenDivX, Mpeg-4, Mpeg-1 videos and Mp3 audio.

Key features of "DivX Mobile Player":
· 10-Band Equalizer with Pre-Amp.
· PlayList Support.
· PlayList Editor.
· Web Streaming.
· Brightness Control (ARM devices only).
· File Association Support.
· Hardware Button Mapping.
· Shuffle Play.
· 90 degree Rotate.
· 2:1 zoom.
· Bi-linear filtering for zoom mode.
· Dithering (ARM devices only).
· Fast Forward.
· Seek Bar.
· Volume Control.
· Custom File Open Dialog.
· Custom Web View Streaming File Selection Dialog.
· Keep Alive for device shutoff suspension.
· Play At File Open option.
· Definable Caching for performance/power utilization. Supported Audio/Video Formats: Video: Divx, OpenDivX, Avi, MPEG-1 w/ FFMPEG mpeg video decoder.
· Audio: MP3 and Layer I + II Audio w/ MAD MP3 decoder.



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